6 Of The Best Nardwuar Interviews

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Chances are Nardwuar has interviewed most of your favourite musicians, and if he hasn’t, he probably will. The human serviette hails from Vancouver, British Columbia Canada, and has one of the best interviewing styles ever. Instead of straightforward questions and answers, Nardwuar researches his interviewees to an insane degree and attempts to make seemingly bizarre connections. T dialogue that follows is always of the most interesting kind. Nardwuar flips the script, often surprising the celebrities and inviting them to open up in ways that no other interviewer can. Check SIX of our Nardwuar interview picks below.

Nardwuar Vs N.E.R.D
Its pretty amazing to see Pharrell, a celebrated and hugely successful producer and musician, be completely amazed by Nardwuar’s style and research, and Shay is definitely impressed too.


Nardwuar Vs Queens Of The Stone Age
Its really cool to see the relationship Nardwuar has with his interviewees develop over time. Sometimes in early interviews the artists can be stand-offish, blunt, and even offensive. Often however, follow up interviews years later expose both the development of a mutual respect, and the emergence of professional friendships. No other interview showcases this better than the Queens Of The Stone Age/Josh Homme pieces. Check the difference between the first and most recent Nardwuar interviews below.




Nardwuar Vs Juicy J
A combination of Juicy J’s ‘SHUTTHEFUCKUP’, plus his excitement at Nardwuars gifts lead to an awesome interview where the two bounce off each other.


Nardwuar Vs Benjamin Booker
Since Benjamin Booker released his self-titled album recently, he seems to be cropping up in a fair few of our posts. This recent Nardwuar interview is cool not only because of how stoked Ben gets at the gifts Nardwuar brings, but also because he reveals that he is a musician that grew up watching Nardwuar interviews.


Nardwuar Vs Henry Rollins
The intense and intimidating former Black-Flag Singer Henry Rollins adopts a signature stone face for the majority of this interview, which makes for an awkward but intriguing outing. There are even some moments when the notoriously serious Rollins cracks a smile and admits Nardwuar’s research, character and charisma are something to be admired.


Nardwuar Vs Snoop Lion
Nardwuar and Snoop interviews through the years always come up with classic moments. The stories in this one, plus a special collection of ‘dolls’ Nardwuar throws at Snoop makes for a memorable interview.

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