6 Of Our Favourite MF Doom Joints

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With his multiple pseudonyms and his extensive discography (both solo and collaborative), Daniel Dumile AKA Zev Love x AKA MF Doom AKA Viktor Vaughn AKA King Geedorah, possesses one of the most varied, intimidating, but also downright awesome bodies of work in the rap game. Ahead of the new release NehruvianDoom we thought we’d hit you with 6 of our favourite Doom joints to get you hyped, keep you interested, or ease you in!

KMD (As Zev Love X) – Plumskinzz (Black Bastards)


Madvillain – Figaro (Madvillainy)


MF Doom – Doomsday (Operation: Doomsday)


Viktor Vaughn – Let Me Watch (Vaudeville Villain)


MF Doom – Gas Drawls (Operation: Doomsday)


Viktor Vaughn – Ode To Road Rage (Venomous Villain)




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