6 Awesome Examples Of British Brutalist Architecture

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The Barbican, London – Chamberlin, Powell and Bon

Considered by many to be the pinnacle of brutalist style, the Barbican is now a cultural landmark of London, befitting of its status as an important centre for the arts.


Brunel University, North west London – Richard Sheppard

Brunel University featured heavily in Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange, and brutalist architecture became Kubrick’s backdrop for the dystopian future imagined in Anthony Burgess’s novel.

Trelick tower

Trellick Tower, London – Erno Goldfinger

This monstrous tower has been featured in many films and music videos over the years – recently in the video for Danny Brown and Darq E Freaker’s banger “Blueberry (Pills and Cocaine)” which you can peep here.


Trinity Square car park, Gateshead – Rodney Gordon

Rodney Gordon’s design was so imposing that the local council demolished the car park in 2010. It features heavily in the classic Michael Cain movie Get Carter.


Preston Bus Station – Keith Ingham and Charles Wilson

The curve of the balconies was a result of limited funds, but proved to incredibly distinctive, resulting in the car park’s status as one of brutalism’s most significant buildings.


Brunswick Centre, Bloomsbury – Patrick Hodgkinson

Another silver-screen star, Jack Nicholson can be seen strolling up and down the main staircase in The Passenger. We love this picture – it really illustrates the sense of optimism that comes with brutalism – with the sports car and industrious looking men walking to work together.





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