6 of Brighton’s Best Festivals

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Brighton Pride (August)- The most highly regarded LGBT festival in the UK. The festival, which includes a parade of over sixty floats around the city centre, has been promoting equality since 1972.

Brighton Fringe (May)- A four-week festival which includes around two hundred free shows. The events range from theatre and music to workshops and tours. It is aimed at allowing everyone to participate with a variety of activities available for children as well. 

Fiery Foods Festival (September)- Lovers of all things spicy can taste foods from around the globe at the many stalls and tents. The festival hosts the National Chilli Awards and allows attendants to participate in their chilli eating competitions.

Love Supreme (July)- Brighton’s celebration of jazz music brought amazing acts such as De La Soul and Jamie Cullum this year. The festival, situated in the South Downs just outside of Brighton, is a great weekend for all ages.

WhaleFest (March)- WhaleFest aims to make people more aware of the bad treatment and illegal capturing of whales and dolphins. Based in the same place where World Government’s gathered to ban international whaling in 1982, the main event shows the release of a killer whale into the sea after years of imprisonment.

Burning the Clocks (December)- The gathering celebrates the winter solstice as paper lanterns are lit to mark the end of the year.

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