6 Ways To Use a Banana (for cooking purposes)


Frozen Banana– An iconic treat sold by the Bluth family in Arrested Development, this is a really simple recipe. Dip in chocolate and cover in nuts, sprinkles or whatever you can think of.

Banana Bread– Mary Berry’s easy recipe to make use of over ripe bananas.

Banana Fritters– More commonly associated with Chinese cuisine. However, preference is for the Jamaican recipe which contains nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla extract.

BBQ Banana– Add mixture, wrap in foil and throw them on the barbecue for a while. Best served with clotted cream.

Banana Ice Cream– Healthy alternative to ice cream. Freeze banana chunks then put in food processor with some milk. Tastes as good as the real thing.

Banana Milkshake– Real milkshake recipe with ice cream. Added rum is optional.


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